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Heart of Sky


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Saros: Heart of Sky  is the first in a series of fantasy-adventure manga that explores ancient mythology, human sacrifice, and the fight for human existence in a struggle between the humans and the ancient gods. 
Supernatural beings, the Netari, lived among ancient humans who offered the Netari flesh and blood in sacrifice, which the Netari used in order to obtain physical human form. The inevitable and brutal corruption, greed and over consumption of human flesh by the Natari drove the humans away. The Netari, starved of sacrifice, faded back into the underworld.

Facing oblivion, the Netari turned to their ancient magic: but the ritual needed a human sacrifice, a human key, a special spirit whose bloody demise could give them back their power. Ocote, a newly appointed Netari official, was sent from the dying Netari city of Torana to find this human.

Entangled in the fate of both worlds, Jerico, an exiled Netari king, emerges from the netherworld to prevent the restoration of human sacrifice
and stop the ancient and destructive magical ritual that would bring an end to both humanity and the underworld; to do that he must prevent the key falling into the hands of Torana. But can Jerico get to the young human before Ocote does?

Saros is a struggle between the ancient and the new, the degenerate and the evolution of the human soul. It is a tale of gods, spirits and humans, expertly woven in beautiful hand dawn action, a graphic novel that reaches deep into the imagination to inspire the reader. Told over a series of graphic novels, this story reaches deep and wide into the Underworld, the spirit realm and the human world.

Zenko, the author and artist of Saros: Heart of Sky, is an established graphic artist and illustrator, who has illustrated various books on magic and mythology.

Reads R to L (Japanese Style)

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