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My Bodys Keeper

for the love of our DNA

Jo Herbig

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My Body´s Keeper: for the love of our DNA is a Memoir that journeys the health history of the Author, Jo Herbig, from birth to modern day.

Jo says, "Finally it all makes sense"

Jo experienced a number of diagnoses throughout her life, none more threatening than her latest battle in 2015.

It was life or death!

It caused Jo to examine very closely her childhood, attachment years, genetic pre-disposition, good and bad stress levels, her immune system, toxins, medical experiences, operations, treatment options and so much more!

The teachings and discoveries unearthed in this Memoir are profoundly crucial in up to sixty percent of today´s population - a population with an ever increasing risk of life-threatening disease.

Jo longs for our society to become one of prevention, rather than one of cure.

Her heartfelt desire to pass on tips to the world is reflected simply in each chapter and includes basic self-help tips for the reader.

Jo believes "what is the point of such an experience if it cannot be shared with others, in the hope to improve, or even save another life.

As Jo began to reflect on the events in her life that appeared somewhat usual, she discovered breakthrough information about her individual health and her family genes. Jo began to join the dots and learned to work with them.

Most of all, Jo learned how to become the best keeper of her own body.

Whether you are experiencing your own personal health issues, or someone you know and love is battling any big or small health problem, you are assured to take away something from Jo´s TRUE LIFE story.

Jo´s hope as you read on is that you will also allow yourself to go on a journey of self-discovery that aids your own healing and empowers you to become the best keeper of your body!

Preview from the Foreword

My Body’s Keeper is a fabulous read for anyone on the “life-threatening disease” journey – the principles are all the same. Jo’s commitment and passion for sharing this information are evident on every page. Jo’s quest was not just to accept a diagnosis, and to go with what she was told to do. Rather, she unearthed a revelation that disease and illness weren’t just random, and she wasn’t just unlucky. Jo knew that something was not right with her body and began a journey to discover toxins in her body, poor nutrient levels, and most importantly a gene MTHFR that had wide-reaching implications on the way her immune system functioned.

Kimberley Douglas Nutritionist BSSc, Grad Dip Health Counselling. CEO Perfectly Natural.

For more information contact Jo at: www.mybodyskeeper.com or email: mybodyskeeper@outlook.com

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