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Honey, Im Home!

Barbie Taylor

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Honey, Im Home! is a remarkable true story, loaded with humor and told with honesty and sincerity; a lighthearted collision between an irresistible force and an immovable object. After arthritis forces Barbie to abandon her medical career, she becomes engaged to a clever and successful entrepreneur. Though shes less passionate about being a wife than she was about being a surgeon, life with Sven seems like a decent Plan B-and Barbie is an organizer; plans are her foundation. George is an inspirational business speaker and an adventure traveler. A confirmed bachelor, his One-Girlfriend-a-Year policy keeps him unencumbered and free. Reveling in serendipity and chance, he loves to step off a plane in a foreign country not knowing where hell sleep that night (and unable to remember if he packed his toothbrush). When George and Barbie meet in her fiancés living room, each is awed by the other. But they quietly dismiss their feelings and move on with their lives. Neither can imagine the events that are to follow. Falling in love is easy. Love knocks on the door when least expected. Often, it rearranges the furniture, empties the refrigerator, maxes out the credit cards, and then disappears as suddenly as it came. Sustaining love is the real challenge. Honey, Im Home! reveals how playful pranks, open communication, diverse talents, colorful personalities, and heartfelt commitment keep the most unlikely relationship going strong. George and Barbies connection is beautiful, and the joy with which they go about continuously honoring that connection is inspiring. If you enjoy a good love story, Honey, Im Home! will keep you smiling. If you never read books that have anything to do with the L word, make an exception. This is no formulaic romance novel. Honey, Im Home! portrays the delightful pandemonium that ensues when two people living on different continents surrender to the inevitable. Few authors write about the details of happily ever after. Youll find no better guides to that literary territory than Barbie Taylor and George Walther.
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