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Getting Where You Need to Go

Abe Brown

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Who am I? What am I? Who and What am I supposed to be? Why am I? And How do I get the Who, the What, and the Why to flow together, or to flow at all? The answers to these questions cut to the core and essence of what it means to be a whole, complete and fully functioning member of the human race. They draw us to a place of inner alignment, harmony, and personal contentment. These questions, and their answers, are the reason this book exists. People thrive when they have a sense of purpose, and they wither and fade when they do not. Whether one is a person of faith or not, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, young or old, no matter what their ethnic background or race, male and female, whatever their personality type, we all desperately need a sense of purpose, a life mission. Human beings are wired this way. When we discover why we were born, our personal life mission, we flourish. But when we do not discover this, we wither away. If we do not discover our why we quickly say, Good-bye. This book will seek to answer these questions, and many more. Getting Where You Need To Go is all about your personal life mission: your L.I.F.E.F.I.T.. We will take an in-depth look at the concept of Learning and Living Our L.I.F.E.F.I.T.; your unique combination of passions, interests, gifts, personality, talents, abilities, marketable skills, education, experiences, training, people skills, calling, networking, relationships, and opportunities that is your personal Sweet Spot. This is your personal place of harmony, abundance, potential, and manifestation. It is that place where everything seems to fall into place. Here you attract all you need and long for. This is our L.I.F.E.F.I.T.: our unique and distinctive shape. Join with us on this journey of self-discovery and living a life that counts, as we seek to Get Where We Need To Go through Learning and Living Our L.I.F.E.F.I.T.!
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