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Fields of Greed

Philip Lee Brooks

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Fields of Greed encapsulates today’s corrupt society where insensate high-ranking or influential people strive for power and inordinate amounts of money. Believing they deserve their rightful share, international crime families attempt to undermine the world’s prolific online sports betting scene by bribing intercollegiate and pro power brokers with cash or favors to fix sporting events’ outcomes. Under these conditions, the gambling point spread becomes obsolete and becomes a sure thing for organized crime and its shady associates. With worldwide online gambling predicted to surpass a trillion, and illegal betting accounting for billions in the United States alone, the favorable conditions for people conspiring to influence the outcome of games has never been greater. A raft of gambling scandals from players and officials fixing soccer matches in China and Hong Kong, to officiating scandals in the NBA, and sadly intercollegiate basketball players in collusion to shave points and influence their games’ outcome introduces that uncomfortable question,  how many of the world’s sporting events are fixed? Authorities insist there is plenty to worry about in America’s sports venues today because more money is bet illegally and without regulation than legally. They also reported there is greater potential for worldwide corruption in sports because of poor global economics.

Learning to successfully wager on sports takes time, patience, and practice; or better yet, become friends with Fields of Greed’s Ming Ho, the fearless leader of transnational organized crime, as he and his fellow conspirators manipulate worldwide sports contests’ outcomes!

Discover in Fields of Greed how Peter ‘Rocket’ Duncan, an aspiring twenty-seven-year-old assistant football coach at Miami Southern, becomes the target of syndicates’ dirty tricks. Harboring an uncontrollable thirst for money, Peter’s gambling indebtedness consequently requires iniquitous acts to save his soul as his Miami Southern Sharks compete for the College Football Playoff Championship. What price is Pete willing to pay?

Explore the critical role of Ming Mei Li, a stunningly beautiful and courageous young woman, who miraculously survives a horrific auto accident and battles to reawaken her mind. Void of memories, she struggles to uncover who she really is. Traveling from her homeland the Republic of China to Miami, she assumes the role of an undercover operative in her father’s gambling casino but finds herself implicated in reprehensible activities. Her relationship with Peter accelerates as she assumes the intermediary role between the criminal element and the implicated coach.



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