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Aroma and the Trinities

Cecelia May Brown

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Aroma and the Trinities demonstrates in the sweetest of ways, the universal Truth that we can never really lose someone we truly love. This is a different approach to helping children understand and cope with the transition of the soul. Our heroine Aroma discovers this fact through the most unlikely of magical friends! Also, with its fun, educational and thought-provoking interactive sections, this book has something for children and parents alike! This books message is universal; in a fun, playful way it educates and comforts children about the unique qualities of just what makes us all human and divine at the same time. Aroma and the Trinities is a touching reminder for all adults as well, especially parents who will be reading Aromas fantastic message to their children. Through Aromas connection with nature, she learns deep spiritual Truths about herself. As an added attraction, this book is multilingual-accessible not only to English speaking readers but to Spanish and French ones too! Each page contains all three languages, making them rare treasures. There is also an interactive Authors Corner, that facilitates deeper reflection, regarding Aromas and the readers, spiritual evolution. On a more basic educational level, there is also a bonus section containing fun facts about hummingbirds. All this, along with its bright, cherry illustrations, makes Aroma and the Trinities a must have book!
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