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A Dictionary of the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament Scriptures

Being, an Accurate, Literal Bible Translation from the Original Tongues

J. B. Jackson

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Biblical scholar and author J. B. Jackson offers here an A to Z list of names found in the Old and New Testament Bible scriptures, together with their meanings.

Inclusive of the etymology of the Bible’s names, this superb book tells us straightforwardly what the various Hebrew names mean. Learning what these monikers mean sheds light on the truth and purpose of the Biblical books and stories. The alphabetical arrangement of this book makes it easy to look up a given name; each is rendered in bold, with the meaning following in plain text.

The beginning of the book features a brief explanation of Hebrew grammar and how the language’s structures can be understood in English. The reader is given a useful primer on Hebrew linguistics, and the pronunciation of its words. Emphasis is placed on how all Bible scholars have to master their interpretation of not simply names, but the essence and spirit of the canon. Knowing what the names of Bible figures mean is an initial step toward knowing and – in the case of translation - preserving the literal meaning and gracefulness of scripture.

An author of several books concerning Biblical lore, J. B. Jackson was popular during the early 20th century. While most of his writings are today out of print, this guide remains popular for its accuracy and accessibility.

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